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The VisionĀ 

Our vision is neither simple not easy to implement.

The main goal of the project is to help needy children around the world while creating homes and schools. Creating an ecosystem in which everyone can improve their lives and collect memories within the framework of satisfying and eventful programs.

The goal of the game is to entertain, be easy to use and provide financial freedom for all ages.

We want to create our game in such a way that the harmony of the community works.Ā 

In other words, it is possible to progress, earn money and develop the fastest in teams and colonies.

This is why we are developing the 7-line earning opportunity based on the Affiliate system.

Anyone can be a leader in the world of Loosepocalypse.

Another special feature of the game is the unexpectedness. Example: you never know what kind of super power you will get that will help you in the game.

Another important part of the project are the community events, to which most of our members can come either for free or at a discount. Luxury trips, concerts, esports competitions, festivals, charity programs, etc.

The project tries to give back to the community as much as possible, so we will help some of our members create their own home and car.

If someone is talented and can contribute to the project with their work in any form, then we also offer them a job in the future (Game tester, developer, designer or other various job opportunities.)

The project will also provide countless prizes.

The children's normal mental development in happy and calm conditions and the satisfaction of the community are the most important things in this Project.

We cant reach Our goals without you so spread the World and be Loose!Ā 

LKC Team.