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About the kiddos world.

In a time lost to historians, a virus decimated the inhabitants of the Earth. Few adults were immune, but children were discovered to be resistant to the plague. After years of research, the experiments became increasingly dangerous, and eventually catastrophe struck the research facility. The nuclear reactor powering the facility melted down; the radiation mixed with the esoteric chemicals in the lab, and the test subjects, with volatile results.  The subsequent explosion decimated the remains of humanity, and opened a rift into the Metaverse. All that survived was one type of child among the universes. They were the Loose Kiddos, called as such for their ability to seamlessly move within the new conjunction of worlds. No time or space binds them. It is the job of each Loose Kiddo to learn how to rebuild the Earth, together, and rediscover it’s lost mysteries. The Earth needs more Loose kiddo. They need your help, so sponsor your First Loose Kiddo NFT, and let’s get to work.