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“Everyone can be as "Loose" as a world leader.”🔥  LKC

Phase 1 (2022 1-2 quarter)

We will create 300 Loose Kidds on the polygon blockchain.
The owners of these NFTs have priority in applying for all community programs. (Treat it like a VIP membership.) We develop the content of social media interfaces. Creation and operation of a Discord server. Sweepstakes, NFT and cash prizes.

Phase 2 (2022 3rd Quarter)

During this period, we will work on the creation of the LKC cryptocurrency, the development of the website and the creation of the affiliate system. We will make the Review page. Creation of collaborations belonging to the charity section of the project.
#Looselist will launch in September. (More details in the DISCORD announcement channel, short details on Twitter and Instagram.) Create the basics of the Game.

(2022 4th Quarter.)

2022. End of November: The first Minting day, which will last for 24 hours. This will be available to #LooseList members and only 1000 pieces will available. First car prize raffle in case of sales of over 50% of NFTs belonging to the given phase. November: Second day of Minting. Pre-sale! Only 3 days and 1500 NFT Will be available. Second car prize draw among holders. (2 cars). In December We are organizing an all-inclusive 5-Star-Resort meet up in Dubai. While there, you will have a chance to meet the designers, founders, influencers, and other members of the community. There is a limit in members that will be able to join. After the trip, the final Minting phase comes in December.THE PUBLIC SALE. We will raffle 3 cars among the holders and 100 people will get a place for the next community trip if 50% of the given phase has been sold. 

Phase 3 (2023. 1 Quarter)

100% collection sold. Focus on The Loose Kiddo Metaverse Game.

The Loose Kiddo collection is based on a post -apocalyptic world, where the “great cleansing” interweaves all of our well known, or not so well known, stories, cartoons and fantasy plays together. A version of the Earth and the Moon will be the base of the game. Everyone starts on the decimated Earth, but only the best Kiddos will reach the Moon, and beyond. The ultimate task of the game is to build a civilization together, build a community and discover this exciting but challenging brand new World.

(2nd Quarter 2023)

First, we are launching beta testing of our mobile application metaverse game, which will provide a simplified, user-friendly game experience. NFT STAKING SYSTEM UPLOAD! Opening the game's marketplace. Introduction of LKC Cryptocurrency to the stock exchanges from June (2023). Organizing the first charity trip. Don't forget that the entire project proceeds go to charity for children's welfare. We are Loose Kiddos to help children in need around the world. Organization of 3 more events (concert and community trip).

Phase 4 (2023 3-4 Quarter)

We are starting the beta test of our Metaverse extended MMORPG Game and we are taking the developments to a higher level. We will launching our 40-50% home building project for our holders. We are targeting the 100,000 player milestone by Christmas.

Phase 5 (2024 1-2 Quarter)

We are starting the first 2 constructions of the charity children's welfare home. We are organizing the first Esport Loosepocalypse tournament!

Phase 6 (2025-2030)

Expand 5M member milestone in the community and create 5,000 homes for needy children and their families. Implementation of 15 luxury trips and 20 events within the framework of the Loose Kiddo Club with more than 100,000 participants in 5 years.

#Loose Kiddo Club