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About The Game !!

Here is a short announcement about game features.

The game is very simple.

To get started, everyone will need at least a basic kiddo or the Kiddo that you hodl.

The starting point for everyone is a random place on EARTH. (If you have a Galaxy kiddo, you can already search for NFTs and get LKC COIN on the surface of the moon as long as you can find it.)
Everything in the game will be faster than the real world except the passage of time. However, we make the planets smaller to accommodate faster travel on and in between the planets.
In the first phase of the game we will only have two locations: The EARTH 🌏 and the MOON 
Later, other planets and unknown planets will be added with more infrastructure and other functions. 

How do you make money in Loose Kiddo Apocalypse❓❓


In many ways. 
We will have our own marketplace where you can sell your items (e.g: weapons, clothes, lands or any other special items) 
You can take a Paid job as a Soldier , architect , engineer, hospital doctor or pilot. (LK Gold). 
You can also start a business as a plant grower, gunsmith, mechanic or cook. (LK Gold) 

There will be two types of payment within the game.
In the marketplace we will accept “LKC Coin”; 
and if you want to buy your own land. For food  & accommodation you can pay with “LK Gold”.
A certain amount of LK gold will be redeemable  for LKC coin !  

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